by Step Aside

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Produced by: Jerry Farley
Recorded Jan-June 2013 at Nova Studios Staten Island, NY
Additional overdubs recorded at Secret Weapon Studios Brooklyn, NY
Mixed: Sept 2013 by Jerry Farley


released December 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Step Aside Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: No Wrong
We were ten years old
Dangerously bold and I
Clung to you like superglue
Trouble called our names
You jumped in the game and I
Played along and felt no wrong

Degeneration, you can't fight when you're losing site
Degeneration, blind to what's right
You found new highs

Fifteen years old, It was getting old and I
Had to distance myself from you
Now at Twenty Two, I hear things about you and I
Turn my head but know that theyre all true
Track Name: Enjoy The Bliss
I'm always riding on my own, the vacant path I roam
It sure gets lonely but I know, theres no one on this road
Small price for not being like them, a crowd that would prefer
If the shoe fits ask for a bigger size, to look manlier

Oh, don't ever tell me who I am
You're just one of them

And when I miss it I will turn out the lights
And dream of faking it to fit in and be liked
Take me back where I belong, if there is such a site
Oh, I'll never be there and I'll never know why
But I'm alright

I see an island and I'm there, a paradise of mine
No one can reach me when I'm there, I never left a sign
Everyone passes by in boats, all waving their hands
They'll swim around me but they'll know to not let their feet touch sand

And when I miss it, I'll surrender the night
At least in my dreams I can live another life
Where I've conformed since I was born
And turned a blind eye
Oh, I'll never be there and I'll never know why
But I'm alright

(Tell me why)
He never was this way before
Why can't we reach him anymore
There's something different about his face

(Tell me why)
He never was this way before
Why can't we reach him anymore
There's something different about our ace.
Track Name: Flicker
There's something flickering tonight
It pulls me toward it, guiding like a light
Does anyone see what's going on?
Everyone steps to the beat, it dictates their flow
But no one sees what's going on

Can't close my eyes, the world is deafening
Chorus of lies are luring the weakest of mankind
Are you all blind, am I losing my mind?
There's something in the air tonight
Can you feel it?

There's something calling like a phone
Private connection, well I seem to be alone
Can anyone hear what's going on?
A mass of chained souls play into their roles,
Oblivious to their own bonds.

This rare epiphany begins to make some sense to me
Such a subtle offering, that when out of sight is out of mind

Don't you join the line
Don't you join the blind, it whispers
Can you hear it?
Track Name: The Smallest People Alive
The immigrant opens shop, his family worlds away
The small town librarian throws her dress away

You question why
Dont want to try to change your life, change your mind
You'd rather die then multiply their type

Cause sometimes we get so lonely we could scream
And Sometimes we disregard our self-esteem

The old man greets visitors, they come but never stay
The street orphan combs his hair, dream girl feet away

Hopeles at times, drowning mimes
Your static lives, static minds
They get you by without the lows or highs

Cause sometimes we almost forget we're alive
Sometimes the motivation tank runs dry
When the days go by sometimes we lose our way
Sometimes its ok

Open your ears, can you hear the lonely ones screaming?
Across the room, a crowded room, the screams are all silenced by conversing fools.
Track Name: Toby's Vacation
I'm approaching a split up road
Don't know which way my feet will go
Suppose I wan't success, but I don't understand
What it means to be a successful man.

Miles away from home, rolling on
In no definite direction
I'm curious to see where my instincts take me.

Like the work-savy businessman
Don't know what grade his kids are in
Filthy rich but he, he's a fucking wreck
I don't think that this constitutes success

I am patient cause, life is long
Waiting for that train to get on
If it doesn't show I won't regret waiting.

Screw direction, travel randomly
Never question your true feelings they'll be
The only indicator of who you are

Sometimes the trip is better than the vacation.
Track Name: Beneath the Surface
There was a boy who put his heart in other's hands,
They turned away
Called him a queer, told him to be the fucking man they all portrayed

Just play the game the way tou're told and don't ask why
There's something funny about you kid, it's in your eyes

He was a man slow to make a sound
He was a man pressured till he drowned

Now thinking back, I think I saw him on that day
He looked away
Walked with his head faced down like he had just Betrayed, I turned away

There's no use screaming when your voice won't make a sound
Don't let their words dig you a hole in the ground

He was a man struggling and now
He is a man six feet under ground
Never knew there was a place to fit in